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Jaisalmer Tourist Attraction

Jaisalmer FortJaisalmer Fort-Jaisalmer
From atop the Trikuta Hill, the Jaisalmer Fort casts its magical spell in the heart of every tourist. The fort was constructed by Rai Jaisala in the 12th century when he wanted a more secure place than Lodurva to serve as his capital. The fort is a symbol of an era gone by that is still alive in in its remnants.

Nathmalji Ki Haveli -Jaisalmer
Nathmalji Ki Haveli Elephants carved out of yellow sandstone guard this Haveli built by the Prime Minister of Jaisalmer in 1855. Two brothers, Hathu and Lallu constructed each side of the haveli. The whole mansion looks perfectly harmonious but you will notice that the right and left side of the building differs slightly in details.

Desert National Park -Jaisalmer
Desert National Park
40 km away,lying south-west of Jaisalmer, it is a protected bio- sphere reserve spreading over 3000 Sq. km. The awe-inspiring Sam sand dunes are within the park. This is also the bustard breeding location and wildlife where you can see the Indian Gazelle, Chinkara, Eagle and many such birds and animals. Foreign tourists require permission from the District Magistrate and Desert National Park Office to enter this area. Domestic tourists require permission from the Desert National Park Office.Loduva, 18 km away, has the ruins of the earlier capital and Jain temples, which are being, rebuild as reminders of its past splendour.

Gadisar Lake-JaisalmerGadisar Lake-Jaisalmer
Gadisar had once supplied water to the city; a courtesan has built the temples and archways around it.