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Goa Tourist Attraction

Holiday to Goa take you a trip through various churches of Goa. Churches in Goa echo Portugal architecture and speak volumes about the intricate works-of-art of the late sixteenth and seventeenth century.

Goa Basilica of Bom JesusGoa Basilica of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus, built in 1605, holds a significant position in every pilgrimage's mind. Situated in Old Goa, this church in Goa has recently been declared as the World Heritage Monument. It is at this church in Goa that the relics of St.Francis Xavier are kept. This church in Goa is opened to the pilgrims once in every ten year when they, in lakhs, come to take part in the exposition of the body of St. Francis Xavier.

Goa Se CathedralGoa Se Cathedral
Packages for Goa take you on a tour to Se Cathedral, which is dedicated to St. Catherine. The Cross of Miracles, placed in this cathedral in Goa, attracts lot of people. It seems the people of Goa had a vision of Christ on this cross and the rock on which it was found was said to spout water. Today, the cross in Goa is slowly growing.

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