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Goa beaches never fail to enchant anyone!!! This is precisely why Indians as well as foreigners flock to the beaches of Goa, whenever given a chance. Tourism in Goa has grown over the years and stories of the beauty of each and every Goa beach has reached far and wide.

ANJUNA BEACH IN GOAAnjuna is one famous beach in Goa where the night is simply a long-big party. The other factor adding to its fame is the Wednesday flea market where one can buy anything from bikes to second hand goods to anything. The flea market began during the years when the hippies found Anjuna Goa as very fascinating and overstayed their trip to Goa. When they ran out of money, they began selling their goods to stay on further giving rise to the ever-famous flea market of Goa or the Wednesday flea market.

ARAMBOL BEACH IN GOA This is a remote beach in Goa, yet it manages to draw plenty of tourists. This beach has only natural beauty to offer you and this is what makes this Goa beach so special.

Places of stay are scarce here. So it is always better if you can take a sleeping bag with you if you are planning to stay the night over, listening to the crash of the waves. Or you can check in at some other beach hotel in Goa and go to Arambol just for the day.

BAGA BEACH IN GOABaga beach and Calangute beach are situated close to each other. So if you are planning a beach trip to Baga, then you get to enjoy both the beaches in Goa. Baga beach is connected to Calangute beach by a 3km long road. This road is lined with hotels and guesthouses that offer the tourists a comfortable stay.

A beach holiday to Baga will ensure that you shop at the flea market which is held every Saturday evening. Though this market may not be as huge or famous as Anjuna flea market, Baga Goa is fiercely proud of it.

PALOLEM BEACH IN GOAWhen you travel to Goa, you should definitely make it a point to visit Palolem Goa, if you do not wish to miss out one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa.
Tourists often frequent Palolem but you can still experience the charm of a virgin beach at Palolem Goa. This Goa beach is not very developed in terms of tourism. So if you are planning to stay over at Palolem Goa, then you may find yourself residing in some huts, enjoying a simple way of living.

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